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Vintec 201 Bottle Single/Multi-Temp Wine Cabinet

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  • All Vintec Wine Cabinets maximum capacity quotes are based on standard bordeaux-shapped bottles. However, there is wide range of bottle shapes and sizes and for this reason the maximum number of bottles will vary accordingly. In order to make sure to best utilize the space in your cabinet, follow the principles below.
    • Neck-to-neck placement
    • Complementary shapes
    • Stacking for cellaring
    • Stacking for accessibility

    If your wine cabinet has flexible shelving, reducing the number of shelves and stacking bottles will increase the capacity of your wine cabinet.
  • FREE 30-Day Warranty

    All appliances come with a FREE 30 day warranty. With the option to purchase an extended warranty for ONE or THREE YEARS!

  • Delivery Available

    Driveway delivery up to 5 miles - FREE

    Driveway delivery up to 10 miles - $25

    Driveway delivery up to 15 miles - $50

    Driveway delivery up tp 20 miles - $100

    Delivery and install available through third party.